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You need permission from the people who wrote the music (composers, lyricists and music publishers) and the people who performed and recorded it (performers and record labels). This means you might need to contact more than one organisation to get permission to use music depending on how you want to use it.

@Singhigh“If a creative person steals your idea, he’s killing his creative ability, if he steals your art, he’s killing his art, if he makes it available to the world, it won,t create de impact you could have created, because it wasn’t from the right source.”

Michael Bassey Johnson

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You will almost certainly need to have a licence to play music in your business or organisation – this includes having the TV or radio on for your staff, customers or visitors and at events.If your organisation copies or shares, plays or performs a lot of copyright protected material, you may find it useful to get a blanket licence.

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“When you have wit of your own, it's a pleasure to credit other people for theirs.”

Criss Jami, Killosophy


Copyright gives creators the freedom to decide what happens to their creations. You may use someone else's work only if you have their permission by the copyright owner or if the law allows it. Copyright can seem complicated but at it's heart it's not. It's simply a law which says that if you create something, then you own it. And as the owner you get to decide what happens to it.So if you're a creator copyright automatically applies to, and protects, all your creative work. That means you are free to decide how other people can use your work, and means they need to ask your permission before using your work. It doesn't matter whether you're a "professional" or not, the law's the same for everyone.

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Copyright in Kenya

In Kenya,your writing, music, images and videos are automatically protected by copyright the moment you create them – as long as you haven’t copied them from somebody else. The idea behind your work isn’t protected, but the creative work itself is.

If you don't move to protect copyright, if you don't move to protect our children, it's not going to sit well.

Barbara Boxer

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